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Download IGI 3 Game – Free Download

After then and IGI 1 IGI 2, the users are now able to enjoy the game that is online that is most awaited IGI 3. The curiously called Game IGI: I’m Going In pursues the manner of the Rainbow Six sequence, the Delta Force sequence, and SWAT 3.

It avoids the outlandish advanced weapons and amazing settings of plenty of conventional shooters but focuses on modern realism. This game makes a variety of secrecy, covert observation, and dynamic firefights at covert military bases, which has much of bravery and the delight of the James Bond films of the late Cold War period.

Overview of IGI 3

In Project IGI, the mission of the player will be to help in recovering a stolen nuclear missile and stop an operation of nuclear violence. The activity begins in the last Soviet Union, as well as the game participant’s first aim is always to release a contact who has critical facts regarding the nuke and who’s being tortured in a martial landing field in Estonia.

The narrative is mainly descriptive with in-engine cutscenes at the end of each and every mission or at the first phase, and they can be actually stylish – their stunning camera angles as well as lighting effects resembles picture quality, although the dialogue that is level can be a bit monotonous.

The nature of the missions is inclined to be practical: if you’re an expert agent, you are just one man and not one-man armed forces. Therefore, you will need to do plenty of slipping through the shadow, creeping about security cameras, hacking on the computers to neutralize observation systems, and with binoculars to research the area.

While you run to the anticipated argument with guards, fast and furious firefights. The game’s common anxiety on reality denotes you will demand rapid answers. Some shots can yet set a hurting ending to the livelihood of the hero, even though the protagonist is wearing body armor. The player may restore health by simply taking medical equipment if there anyone in the area.

Minimal System Requirements

The game can be downloaded pretty readily but, there are some requirements for your own system.

  • OS- Windows- XP or view or 7
  • Hard Disk- 1.3 GB
  • Graphics Memory- 32 GB
  • Sound card- DirectX 8


Jones is on his way to take a respite after most of the actions in the corp. He has taken an airplane to Mhershma, the island in the Atlantic Ocean. His plane is shot down by the troop of Priboi while he gets there.

Anya returns to the corp for it would shut actually fast before she departs to get some stuff and she realizes something is erroneous. She then contact with Jones. Where you’ve to escape in order to find the offender and from here the mission stats. Hit on the download button below to get IGI 3 Game in your Windows!

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